Marek Larwood was brought up in Bembridge, on the Isle of Wight, having moved from the mainland in 1982. Spending his formative years on the Island granted him great knowledge and insights into the strange goings on. He still visits his family there frequently and uses the opportunity to open the door into the islands dark secrets. In order to fund his career as a world renowned mystery investigator, Marek is an actor, writer and comedian you can find out more about him on his website. He has a youtube channel where you can watch his educational films. He also created the world’s greatest and currently one of the least played sports globally – Volfsball. In addition to making the Mysterious Isle, Marek has another podcast called Marek Makes a Movie, in which he talks to film makers about their experience with a view to making his own film. The goal of the Mysterious Isle and Marek Makes a Movie are to raise enough money for him to make a film. His Dad is a former accountant and now inventor of a self watering hanging basket available to purchase here. His brother Kieran Larwood is an award winning children’s author.