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You can support The Mysterious Isle and help Marek Larwood to conduct further investigations by clicking on the donate button. Those kind enough to help this important social project will receive the following exclusive rewards.

£1 or more donation – Donators will be emailed an unbroadcast Mysterious podcast episode in which Marek goes back to his home town of Bembridge to investigate a lobster fisherman’s disturbing tale about the oldest working telephone box in Great Britain.

Also a link to the Mysterious Isle Norfolk Broads special in which Marek steps off the island to investigate talk about the Beast of the Broads.

£5 donation – Donators receive the ‘Voice from the Future’ podcast, ‘The Beast of the Broads’ as well as a Mysterious Isle badge, and I’ll send you a nice postcard as a thank you.

£10 or more donation – I’ll send you the podcast, link to secret episode, all the postcards and badge, and a thank you note. Skill. Thank you.

Thank you to anyone who has donated your help is really appreciated. I am using all the proceeds to cover costs and buy film equipment I need for this and my other project – Marek Makes A Movie – a podcast about film making where I will attempt to make a feature film. Good luck everyone.