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Proof of a Bembridge Giant?


At Bembridge Recreational Ground lies a lonely basketball court. The stands have long since lost their nets, and even the court markings have worn away over the years. But perhaps the saddest thing is that the court is always empty. The sound of the bouncing ball never echoes around the quiet streets of Bembridge. Why? Has Bembridge been overtaken by old age pensioners. Yes that’s one of the reasons. But perhaps another is that one of the hoops in 11ft tall. A whole one foot higher than regulation height. The equivalent of having a golf course where the holes are too small for the balls to fit in.

The logical explanation would be that the person who installed the stands was an absolute f**king idiot. But could it be that the stand was put in for a Giant? A mythical beast that lives in Steyne Woods and comes down to practice dunking at night. A beast that kills all in it’s path.This would perhaps explain why people are too terrified to play there. Giant or dickhead workman? You decide.


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