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Man Buries Body on Beach


A murky day on Bembridge beach may not have been the ideal for half term holiday makers, but it was the dream for this evil wretch as he jumped at the opportunity given by the sea mists to bury a dead body.

Your humble lead investigator Marek Larwood stumbled across the awful scene whilst on a quiet beach walk. We cannot confirm whether or not there was a body being buried with 100% conviction, but judging by the man’s guilty demeanour and the size of the hole there can be little doubt this was a gruesome murder scene.

Marek let the bloke get away with it this time, as he believes in second chances, but should monsters like this try and get away with soiling the beach like this a second time he will be dialling 999 faster than you can say Shanklin Seafront.


  1. Thing is, was it a body he was burying or infact the case that he was actually uncovering the tip of the fabled Isle of Wight pyramid?


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